Our Solutions

Cable Operators

Improve subscriber QoE on WiFi and gain insight into your network.

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Reduce costs with better WiFi offloading while outperforming your host MNO’s QoE.

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Better manage your network by selectively offloading traffic to WiFi.

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Content Providers

Content Providers can give their users the biggest pipes and the best internet experience possible.

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IoT + OEMs

Ensure devices alway have the best experience on any connection - WiFi, cellular, bluetooth and future standards.

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Get faster, cheaper and more reliable connections.

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Jumpnet Visibility

See the real-time and historical coverage of different networks from the perspective of client devices.

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Jumpnet Insight

Analyze how and where networks are used by content, data, throughput, and more.

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Jumpnet Experience

Integrate WiFi and cellular networks with seamless handoffs and link aggregation.

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Jumpnet Crowd

Set advanced business rules to optimize traffic across proprietary and 3rd party networks

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Founded in January 2014 out of Yale University, Trinity Mobile Networks has pioneered the first and only Endpoint SDN platform, Jumpnet, to integrate all the world’s networks. Jumpnet works to make connectivity as easy and inexpensive as possible. Through network unification and universal compatibility, we believe we can keep access to the internet open and affordable.

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