Jumpnet Crowd

Jumpnet Crowd lets network operators set advanced business rules, giving them complete control over how subscribers experience connectivity on their network and third-party networks.

Network operators can set rules for offloading to WiFi, when to aggregate WiFi and cellular connections for faster speeds, aggregation decisions based on content type, and more.

Jumpnet Crowd lets network operators control the chaos of heterogenous networks to give their subscribers a wonderful connectivity experience, no matter what connection they’re using.

  • Granular Network Control
    • Set rules on a network wide or client-specific basis.
  • Cost-aware Transmission Management
    • Control when and how devices use WiFi or cellular connections when both are available.
  • Improve Network Throughput
    • Balance network load across networks and free up licensed spectrum to improve total network performance.
  • Event-triggered Notifications
    • Identify and stop network problems in their infancy.
Simple OTT Deployment

Jumpnet was built with ease of deployment in mind. Jumpnet is software-only and does not require any integration with an LTE-core. The Jumpnet SDK can be installed on all iOS 9.0+, Android 5.0+ & most networked devices.

Runs on Standard Hardware

Jumpnet runs on industry standard hardware inside a data center. It can even run on 3rd party hosted cloud deployments such as AWS or Rackspace inside your company’s managed infrastructure.

Key Technologies
Link Aggregation

Jumpnet provides faster, more reliable, and less expensive connections by combining multiple available connections into a single virtual connection. Learn More

Seamless Handoffs

Users can move between WiFi, cellular, and other networks without connections dropping.

Learn More

Unified Network Monitoring

Jumpnet’s unified network monitoring shows network operators their subscribers’ entire connection experience on both primary and 3rd party networks. Learn More

Software Defined Networking

Jumpnet’s unique SDN+NFV tools lets network operators set business rules to shape traffic to meet targeted business and network performance goals. Learn More