Mobile Network Operators

Jumpnet lets MNOs integrate WiFi and cellular networks without sacrificing profitability.

MNOs can manage their network by selectively offloading traffic to WiFi during peak cellular demand, offer seamless handoffs between WiFi and cellular networks, and expand coverage without needing costly infrastructure deployments.


See the real-time and historical coverage of different networks from the perspective of client devices. Learn More


Analyze how and where networks are used by content, data, throughput, and more. Learn More


Integrate WiFi and cellular networks with seamless handoffs and link aggregation. Learn More


Set advanced business rules to optimize traffic across proprietary and 3rd party networks Learn More

Key Technologies
Link Aggregation

Jumpnet provides faster, more reliable, and less expensive connections by combining multiple available connections into a single virtual connection. Learn More

Seamless Handoffs

Users can move between WiFi, cellular, and other networks without connections dropping.

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Unified Network Monitoring

Jumpnet’s unified network monitoring shows network operators their subscribers’ entire connection experience on both primary and 3rd party networks. Learn More

Software Defined Networking

Jumpnet’s unique SDN+NFV tools lets network operators set business rules to shape traffic to meet targeted business and network performance goals. Learn More